Meet Chef Vikki Krinsky

Angeles who works together with well-known actors, bands and Hollywood personalities, including Tobey Maguire, MGMT and her current client Seth MacFarlane. Formerly an actress herself, Chef Krinsky is discovered at age 16 and labored on several hit tv series including, Edgemont in Canada and Lifetime’s Wild Card here in america.

In a pivotal moment in her own career, a producer stated she should concentrate on slimming down. Initially disheartened, Chef Krinsky then were built with a thought. She’d reserve acting and concentrate on educating herself on the advantages of eating healthily. She booked a 1-way visit to Europe with debit cards, a week’s price of clothes, and 2 books on diet. On Vikki’s second day in Paris, a nearby chef required her under his wing and inside a month, she was apprenticing throughout Europe. With a brand new-found passion and understanding, she came back to America looking for a kitchen area. Fortune struck again and she or he found a component-time job having a private chef service in Beverly Hillsides. Lengthy nights of self-trained technique with a few great mentors in her own existence, eventually she learned the skill of cooking scrumptious and nutritious food.

Now starring on Everyday Health’s Emmy-nominated show Recipe Rehab, Chef Krinsky shares her passion and leans by herself personal expertise, to enhance the, happiness, and the body picture of her clients with fans every ‘life was imple’ on CBS stations.

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