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Jacob cannavale

What is Jake Cannavale’s net worth?

Net Worth: $1.5 Million
Age: 25
Born: May 1, 1995
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Musician and Actor
Last Updated: 2021


Jake Cannavale is surely an American citizen musician and actor.

Cannavale appeared on Broadway inside the funny ‘Fish in the Dark’ in 2015. He also showed up on television’s ‘Nurse ‘The and Jackie’ Mandalorian.’ Cannavale is the kid of actor Bobby Cannavale and Jenny Lumet. He or she is the grandson of film director Sidney Lumet.

Jake Cannavale’s net worth is estimated to roughly $1.5 million, as of 2022.

Earlier Daily life

Jacob Lumet Cannavale came into this world in the 1st of May, 1995, in Manhattan, New York. Cannavale will be the child of Bobby Cannavale and Jenny Lumet. He is the grandson and great-grandson of Hollywood story Sidney Lumet and Lena Horne.

His maternal grandma and grandpa are author and journalists Gail Lumet Buckley, Lena Horne’s child, and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Sidney Lumet. She is known for producing classics like ’12 Upset Men,’ ‘Network,’ and ‘Dog Day time Mid-day.’


Cannavale created his initial visual appeal inside the acting world when he starred in the cameo ‘Romance & Tobacco cigarettes ‘ in 2005. His dad was a part of the outfit cast in the musical.

He obtained his true performing project as he was cast as Charlie Cruz inside the Fantastic Planet-nominated health care comedy-drama ‘Nurse Jackie’. He made an appearance in 7 instances of the favored Television set series and acquired a Screen Stars Guild Prize nomination for his overall performance about the sequence.

In 2015, Cannavale created his debut on Broadway together with the comedy ‘Fish in the Dark,’ created by Larry David. David also starred within the Broadway engage in, and the man is the inventor of the productive Television shows ‘Curb and ‘Seinfield’ Your Passion.

Among 2014 and 2016, Cannavale featured in lots of simple movies, including ‘Interior Teresa,’ ‘Grapes,’ ‘Fade,’ and ‘Send.’ In 2017, he was component of ‘Untitled Jenny Lumet Project’. Afterwards that year, he was a part of ‘Moths & Butterflies,’ actively playing ‘Bumphrey Hoggart.’

The next 12 months, he published 5 various instances of an indie humorous range ‘The Elevator’. Afterwards that season, he showed up in a major part within a short known as ‘Limit of Forest Country’. He has been portion of the initial for that Television collection ‘Misfits,’ ‘Eat, Brains, ‘God’ and Love’.

Cannavale made an appearance with his daddy in the Hugo Boss advert marketing campaign in 2019. Throughout the snap, the actor said that his father got educated him a great deal about the importance of simply being genuine and getting correct to on your own.

As of 2022, Jake Cannavale’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $1.5 million.


In this article are one of the greatest shows of Jake Cannavale’s occupation:

  • Deliver (Simple-Motion picture, 2014)
  • Grapes (Short-Motion picture, 2015)
  • The Mandalorian (TV-Show, 2019-)
  • Consume Minds Adore (Motion picture, 2019)
  • Murderville (Motion picture, 2020)

Preferred Quotes from Jake Cannavale

“It signifies my father was an actor, my mom was actually a article writer, her dad had been a director, her grandmother was an actor… I am your fourth generation for both ends from the household. I was thinking you had to complete some thing concerning the graphic disciplines. Growing up, I was constantly assisting my dad manage outlines, and thought that is just what each and every youngster performed.” – Jake Cannavale

“Yeah, I dreamed of being a rock star on my own terminology. The songs I adored to make and that i make, is not some thing you can not get ? “famous” away from, which is sort of liberating in a way. It merely shows to me the only reason to do it is ? ‘cause you love it.” – Jake Cannavale

“It’s basically much less helpful to possess my last name or history. It’s there, of course, the rewards you might imagine. But there is even the simple fact that a lot ofartists and filmmakers, casting company directors will see the very last brand and instantly presume you’re not going to be as great as the key reason why it bears body weight.” – Jake Cannavale

“Yeah, totally. Let us say my father traveled to a director and said, ? If my last name carries some financial weight, or give a shit if he’s friends with my dad or my mom.” – Jake Cannaval, “Hey, put my kid in your movie.” A good director’s not gonna give a shite

“We applied this new modern technology. Rather than a eco-friendly monitor, they create just like a focal point, and close to it is actually a dome of Guided screens, having a video clip division which is the same as, 20 nerds sitting down behind it who actually upload and use a background.” – Jake Cannavale

“I don’t like to speak on behalf of my band members or anyone, as a general rule, but I can say we are all pretty eclectic in terms of our musical tastes, with extreme music being the anchor or epicenter, so to speak.” – Jake Cannavale

3 Motivational Classes from Jake Cannavale

Since you now know information on Jake Cannavale’s net worth and just how he achieved accomplishment; let’s check out some of the classes we could study from him:

1. Make Someone’s Time

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.

2. Help You

Everyone can help someone, though we can’t help everyone.

3. We Receive More robust

Absolutely nothing possibly receives simpler. You simply get more robust. If you’re following the right path, when you’ve been knocked down a few too many times, it’s completely fine to get discouraged, when you’re not sure. What’s not okay would be to stop.


Jake Cannavale is surely an American actor and musician.

He or she is well known for his role because the boy of the character enjoyed by his daddy Bobby Cannavale within the comedy-dilemma range ‘Nurse Jackie’. He has also sprang out as being a period actor from the broadway humorous ‘Fish from the Dark’ together with Tv set icon Larry David. Cannavale comes from children with plenty of talents.

Jake Cannavale’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $1.5 million, as of 2022.

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