Is Your Guy Addicted to Sex?

Celebs like Tiger Forest get busted for his or her extramarital sexual exploits after which claim a dependancy to sex. But what’s the web site bad boy along with a true sex problem? And how can you tell in case your guy is really a sex addict? Listed here are 10 clues that may explain his suspicious behavior. Plus, just how much would you like sex? Take our quiz to discover…

Since David Duchovny and Tiger Forest checked themselves into to some sex addiction treatment facility, lots of women may be wondering if their guy is hiding secrets.

In the end, if probably the most celebrities could hide their cheating for a long time, who’s to state regular guys couldn’t?

It’s hardly news that men like sex. However that perception – and expectation – makes it tough for ladies to determine what’s normal and never with regards to their man’s sexual demands.

Based on research by pioneering sex addiction investigator/counselor Patrick Carnes, about 3%-6% of yankee women and men possess a sexual compulsion.

This varies from obsessively watching Internet porn, excessive masturbation and cyber/phone sex to frequent anonymous encounters, regular appointments with prostitutes or massage parlors and strings of matters.

Even though you catch your guy cheating, how can you tell if he’s acting out a compulsion or becoming a person?

The second is feeding his ego with conquests. A sex addict turns to porn or anonymous hookups the way in which an alcoholic reaches for scotch.

“Someone else might choose a run, call a buddy or zone by helping cover their TV,” explains Lisa Paz, Ph.D., a Miami marriage and family counselor. “The sex addict depends on sex to produce stress and stabilize their mood.”

Therefore if your lover continues to be unfaithful or perhaps is acting suspicious, can you be sure if sex addiction would be to blame? Take a look at the high 10 indicators:

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