Cooking and Ulcer Care

It was once that doctors suggested exactly the same diet for everybody by having an ulcer: Avoid spicy foods and eat bland ones. However nowadays doctors realize that spicy foods don’t cause an ulcer and bland diets don’t always assist in ulcer treatment. How do we preparing meals for a family member by having an ulcer?

While it’s true that exact foods don’t cause ulcers, they are able to make signs and symptoms worse, states Carrie Folse, MD, a gastroenterologist at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Ala. However, “the exacerbation of foods is very subjective,” she states. It’s difficult to tell which food will aggravate signs and symptoms in almost any one individual.

So rather of past “one diet fits all” recommendations, doctors now provide more general guidelines. If the one you love notices a specific food leads to a problem, just avoid those meals and allow the physician know.

Cooking for that Ulcer Patient: Foods to prevent

Sarah Boyd, RD, an authorized dietitian in Richmond, Veterans administration., states the following foods could cause discomfort for those who have an ulcer:

Meats having a high-fat content

High-fat condiments

Citrus fruits and juices

Tomato products

Tea and coffee – either caffeinated or caffeine free

Alcohol based drinks

Spicy foods


Cooking for that Ulcer Patient: Meal Planning

Think small , more frequently. “Smaller, frequent meals might be better tolerated for a person by having an ulcer, particularly when [she’s] experiencing discomfort,” states Boyd.

Focus on timing. Assistance the one you love to achieve the last meal or snack during the day two hrs or even more before bed time, notes Boyd.

The end result is there are no hard-and-fast rules with regards to foods for ulcer patients, apart from staying away from individuals foods that create discomfort, states Boyd. The good thing is that the one you love should have no trouble getting sufficient diet. If either you and your family member is worried by what foods to consume, or maybe particular foods appear to become aggravating the ulcer, talk to your physician or perhaps a registered dietitian. You will find a registered dietitian in your town using your local phonebook, by asking at the doctor’s office, or by visiting the Ada Site.

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