Coca-Cola May be the Best Cure for Stomach Blockages

TUESDAY, Jan. 8, 2013 – Soda might not be everything good to improve your health when consumed straight from the can, but researchers have found the legendary soda, Coca-Cola, may be helpful in another unusual way.

Although Coca-Cola remove grease stains from clothes and fabric and clean your vehicle engine, however researchers repeat the soda can eliminate stomach blockages.

Researchers reviewed 10 years’ price of detailed cases on 46 patients having a condition known as gastric phytobezoar – a stomach blockage – who have been given so-known as Coca-Cola dissolution therapy.

Phytobezoars, the most typical kind of stomach blockage, are comprised of indigestible food fibers from vegetables and fruit including celery, pumpkin, prunes, raisins, leeks, beets, persimmons, and sunflower seed shells. Unless of course they’re effectively removed or unblocked, they can result in signs and symptoms like nausea, vomiting, gastric obstruction, perforation, abdominal discomfort, and bleeding.

These blockages occur most frequently in individuals with risks which include decreased stomach size or reduced stomach acidity production, getting had gastric surgery that led to delayed stomach emptying, or getting diabetes or late-stage kidney disease.

Researchers in the school of medicine of Athens College discovered that from the 46 patients who have been given Coca-Cola to deal with the blockage, the therapy removed the blockage in two, 19 patients needed additional non-invasive treatment, and 4 needed full surgery.

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