Celebrities Who Have Experienced Depression

They’re gifted, attractive, wealthy, and broadly acclaimed. But neither fame nor fortune immunizes celebrities from the ravages of depression and mood disorders. Today, whenever a celebrity’s missteps can “break the web,” states Vasilis K. Pozios, MD, a forensic mental health specialist and entertainment industry consultant privately practice in Detroit, the resulting public scrutiny can provoke feelings of guilt, shame, and insecurity.

In addition to this, celebrities frequently experience key risks for depression, including drug abuse, sleep disruption, unemployment, and highly variable work schedules, states Scott A. Langenecker, PhD, affiliate professor of psychiatry and psychology and director from the cognitive neuroscience center in the College of Illinois in Chicago.

Here are a few celebrities who’ve experienced depression and are available out on the other hand.

Rhianna: ‘I Still Experience It Each And Every Day’

Together with her chameleon looks, “art-pop meets haute couture” wardrobe, genre-busting voice, and her new role in American Horror Story, Rhianna appears the meaning of courage and power. However that image belies an ongoing have a problem with depression, she lately revealed to Billboard. “I’ve endured through anxiety and depression my entire existence,” she stated. “I simply want these kids to understand that … this contemporary factor, where everybody is feeling shallow and fewer connected? It is not human,” she told playboy.

Feeling less connected requires a toll, states Dr. Pozios, even for those who appear to become connected because they’re active online. “The scrutiny that youthful people face on social networking can result in anxiety, depression, as well as suicidal ideas,” he states.

Due to Gaga’s own struggles with depression and feelings of isolation, her mission would be to help youthful people facing similar emotional struggles. Her Born By Doing This Foundation aims to empower youth and encourage bravery, and offers sources to assist youthful people impacted by bullying, abuse, and depression.

Sarah Silverman: Her New Movie Mirrors Existence

She’s beautiful, sardonic, and razor-sharp on stage – and may most likely wither you having a single glance. Actor, comedian, and author Sarah Silverman’s latest role within the film I Smile Back brings her shateringly near to her more dark side, she lately revealed in Glamour. The film concentrates on a suburban mother whose existence appears picture-perfect, but who’s really depressed and self-medicates with pills and alcohol.

Silverman stated in Glamour that they herself has battled with depression, and takes small doses of Zoloft (sertraline) to keep her mental health without losing the ups and downs that fuel her creativeness. “I wouldn’t wish depression on anybody,” Silverman stated. “But should you ever go through it, or have it at this time, just realize that on the other hand, the small joys in existence is going to be much sweeter.”

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