Billy McFarland Net Worth 2021, Record, Salary, Biography, Career, and Wiki!

Net Worth: $-5 Million
Age: 29
Born: December 11, 1991
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2021


William Z. “Billy” McFarland is undoubtedly an American convicted fraudster and past business owner, who co-started the ill-fated Fyre Festival.

He defrauded traders of $27.4 thousand by advertising and marketing and selling seat tickets to the event and also other activities. In 2013, McFarland launched Magnises, a firm that advertised an invite-only charge greeting card, employing $1.5 thousand of entrepreneur financing.

As of 2021, Billy McFarland’s net worth is approximately $-5 million.

Earlier Life

William Z. “Billy” McFarland came to be on the 11th of Dec, 1991, in Millburn, New Jersey. His parents are real estate developers.

When Billy was 13 years, he established an internet based outsourcing work new venture that matched up clients with web site designers. McFarland joined Bucknell School in Lewisburg in which he studied computer design for under 9 several weeks.


Billy McFarland dropped out of university and established the quick-existed on the internet advertising foundation Spling where he provided as Chief executive officer. In 2013, he seeded monthly payments organization Magnises with $1.5 million of trader money. McFarland also introduced Fyre Mass media Inc, which was the mom or dad organization in the Fyre Event.

He founded Fyre Press and promoted a luxury songs festival within the Bahamas, called Fyre Celebration, working next to rapper Ja Tip. The festivity was said to be held in 2017 and was marketed with a movie that included a bevy of Instagram models like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski.

The festival turned out to be a complete fiasco and was canceled after all the guests had begun to arrive on the Great Exuma Island, however.

McFarland obtained as much as $7 million in an attempt to fund the festival, getting one particular personal loan having an efficient annualized level of 120 percent. The lender prosecuted, alleging McFarland defaulted around the bank loan.

In Mar 2018, McFarland pleaded remorseful to 2 matters of cable fraudulence in Federal government The courtroom in Manhattan.

As of 2021, Billy McFarland’s net worth is $-5 million.


On this page are one of the best shows of Billy McFarland’s job:

  • Fyre Festival
  • Billy defrauded investors of $27.4 mil by advertising and marketing and promoting seat tickets
  • McFarland launched Magnises (2013)

Preferred Quotations from Billy McFarland

“We’re gonna consider each and every determine to make this appropriate for everybody now, to make this suited to everyone the coming year, on the large.” – Billy McFarland

“The Exumas did not have got a really good system – there was not a great way to get friends in right here – we had been somewhat committed. There was not drinking water or sewage.” – Billy McFarland

I made many wrongs and immature decisions along the way and I caused agony, although “I’ve always sought and dreamed to accomplish incredible things by pushing the envelope to deliver for a common good. I’ve lived every day in prison with pain, and I will continue to do so until I am able to make up for some of this harm through work and actions that society finds respectable.” – Billy McFarlan, as a resultd

“I’d love to thank anyone who may have reinforced me every step of the way. Your love helps to keep me concentrated. Your believe keeps me determined. Earning your forgiveness will gas most of my days and nights.” – Billy McFarland

“I am very sorry for my group steps and definately will right the wrongs I actually have transported to my , family, friends, partners and associatesyou, most people.” – Billy McFarland

3 Classes from Billy McFarland About Scams

Since you now know Bill McFarland’s value; Let’s take a look at several of the lessons we can learn from him about fraudulence:

1. Scams Is out there All over the place

embezzlement, fraud and Corruption are characteristics that can be found all over the place. What profitable economies do is keep it to a minimum. No person has at any time eradicated any kind of that stuff.

2. Fraud is definitely an Get away

When it is way too great being true….it can be probably a fraudulence.

3. Most detrimental of most Scams

The first and worst of scammers is always to cheat one’s self.


Billy McFarland is undoubtedly an Us convicted fraudster and past business owner who co-founded the unwell-fated Fyre Festivity. He defrauded investors of $27.4 thousand by marketing and marketing tickets.

As of 2021, Billy McFarland’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $-5 million.

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